SCCI's Position Statement

SCCI is a telecommunications engineering service firm. SCCI provides installation and construction management, engineering and project management services to equipment vendors and telecommunication systems operators in northern California.

SCCI serves the wireless industry with consulting or contracting services, and temporary technical personnel. Our focus is the emerging wireless technologies and the cellular industry.

Specialization and expertise in the following fields:
  •  Microwave system design and implementation
  •  Central office and remote-shelter design
  •  Outside Plant Engineering (OSP)
  •  Site selection and development
  •  Site leasing, zoning and planning
  •  Site co-location organization
  •  Fiber-optic systems design and implementation
  •  Passive Optical Network (PON) design
  •  Land-mobile radio system design
  •  Experts in the integration of dielectric fiber in underground power structures
  •  Aesthetic antenna system designs
  •  Propagation studies and testing
  •  As-built documentation
  •  RFP preparation and evaluation
  •  Transmission systems equipment integration
  •  Communications system feasibility analysis
  •  Technical training
  •  Detail engineering
  •  Telecommunication equipment room development
  •  Program/project management of the foregoing disciplines.

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