SCCI's Radio And Telecommunications Services

SCCI Provides Complete Design Services

At SCCI we can take a project idea and design, engineer, and implement it to proper specifications.

SCCI does field site and path propagation surveys, as built documentation for existing facilities, CAD engineering design, with the abilities to offer up to "E" size LASER plotted drawings, wireless site construction management, project management, and cost analysis showing the financial impact of all projects.

Fields Of Telecom Specialization

  • Microwave system design and implementation
  • Cellular and wireless technology designs
  • Central office and remote-shelter design
  • Site selection and development
  • Site leasing, zoning, planning
  • Co-location organization
  • Campus fiber optic systems design and implementation
  • Land-mobile radio systems design
  • Propagation studies and testing
  • As-built documentation
  • Transmission systems equipment integration
  • Communications system feasibility analysis
  • Technical training
  • Aesthetic antenna systems design
  • RFP preparation and evaluation
  • Detail engineering
  • Telecommunications equipment room development
  • Program / project management of the foregoing disciplines

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Site and path propagation surveys

As-built documentation of your existing facilities

CAD Design

We offer up to "E" size LASER plotted drawings

Wireless site construction management

gandt2-tn.gif (5687 bytes)
The Gantt Chart can show time and financial impact of projects

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