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Reference from: Alameda Power & Telecom

"Dear Mr Steve Clark

Thank you for the outstanding job that you and your crew did in support of Alameda Power & Telecom's effort to restore our telecommunications fiber that was damaged on the morning of Monday, October 6 2003.

Your tireless effort played a tremendous role in minimizing the interruption to our cable and Internet system and the direct impact it had on our valued customers.

You and your crew have once again demonstrated the outstanding professionalism and craftsmanship that Alameda Power & Telecom has become accustomed to.

Keep up the great work!

Valerie Fong
Utility Services Manager
Alameda Power & Telecom"


Below is a quote from CellularOne®

"To: Prospective SCCI Clients

CELLULARONE® Serving Santa Cruz County has had the pleasure of using the services of SCCI and specifically Steve Clark. Steve Clark worked as our project manager and engineering contractor. In six months SCCI aggressively and successfully expanded our network

We hired SCCI to develop and construct additional cell sites in our service area, in addition to maintaining our network and customer satisfaction.

As our representative, Steve handled negotiations with landowners, contractors, and local government agencies, successively overcoming many obstacles to the satisfaction of all concerned parties

Steve effectively managed and executed all construction schedules and deadlines. Our experience with SCCI was both productive and beneficial to our network expansion.

If you have any questions regarding SCCI or Steve Clark please feel free to contact me personally.



Al Rodrigues

General Manager"

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