SCCI Engineering, Design, And Project Management
Radio and Telecommunications Systems

SCCI offers feasibility studies, design, and project management of large-scale, single-mode, fiber-optic systems. The systems we develop carry traffic for power control, city departments (fire, police, etc.) very high-speed Information Systems, video surveillance, and water-sewer control.

SCCI is a six man engineering/design firm founded in 1989. We presently have a professional service agreement with the City of Alameda, Alameda Power & Telecom.

Alameda Power & Telecom Contacts:
Dean Batchelor, Operations Manager, 510-814-6410

Up until June 30th , we provided planning and design for the city's MAN (Municipal Area Network). The MAN uses a Lucent GigE ring and spoke architecture. The city’s MAN system connects all city departments, including all fire stations and libraries. Each of the city departments operates V-LANs on the 1GB/100MB platform.

SCCI documented an exiting 1-GHz fiber ring for Alameda Unified School Distinct. SCCI’s strongest talents are pictorial documentation such as fiber plant maps and fiber cable splice drawings.

SCCI planned and implemented a fiber-optic SCADA system using self-healing ring topology to command and control substations and remote power distribution equipment.

SCCI documented a citywide, city owned, HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax) CATV and Internet distribution system. We produced fiber optic splicing diagrams, fiber plant layout maps, and a coaxial distribution network. We work with the client’s engineering department to implement a GIS database to manage network assets.

SCCI worked with PG&E back in 1992 on the COTP project where our role was the design of the fiber terminals at the San Mateo and San Rafael substations as well as a line up in PG&E’s main communications room in downtown San Francisco.

We have also done work for city of Clovis.

City of Clovis Contacts:
Marty Toroson, Project Manager, 559-263-2417
Rand Pagent, 911 Center Managers, 559-297-2431
Rod Feather, CEO, Prime Contractor to Clovis, 916-649-0132

Our role was planning and developing a new police and fire dispatch facility. Wrote bid specifications for a new 180-foot radio tower, communication building, and all new radio and dispatch positions. SCCI provided expert testimony to City Council and Planning Commission for the project. See: Clovis Public Safety Center dedication ceremony.

Later we surveyed the city’s three-block municipal campus conduit structure then developed a combination single-mode/multimode Fiber-Optic system supporting the city offices. SCCI wrote the conduit/fiber section of the RFP to replace the city IS and Telephone system with a new Voice-over-IP network.

SCCI’s full job history can be found at our telecommunications corporate experience page.

Contractor’s License No 600895: Classifications: C-7, C-10 and C-63

Alameda Business License: 2271

Dublin Business License: 6686

We are certified with Alameda County as a Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB).

We are a member of Corning Cable Systems' Consultant LinkUp Program.

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