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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New SCCI Site and Path Survey Tools

Nicon Total StationRecently added to SCCI tools are two new survey instruments. Just acquired is a new Nikon pulse-laser total station. The NPL-352 has excellent measurement performance and extreme long battery life. The Nikon Pulse Laser Station is equipped with the unique coaxial focusing system reflectorless EDM (electronic distance measurement). Otherwise inaccessible points can now be surveyed reliable and accurate due to Nikon's new unique reflectorless EDM technology. Having the option of not using a prism, we can measure the height and distance of unreachable trees or other path obstructions.

Trimble Nomad Data Collector PRO-XRT

Trimble Nomad Data Collector PRO-XRT

Trimble Pro-XRT AntennaAdditionally, SCCI upgraded to the recently released Trimble Pro-XRT GPS receiver. The Trimble antenna includes an integrated OmniSTAR antenna for real time DGPS correction data giving us instantaneous submeter accuracy for collecting GIS data. Combining Trimble technology and the OmniSTAR service (Omnistar News) the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver is a versatile instrument offering our customers high geodetic accuracy; typically we are seeing 14-21 inches of horizontal precision. The tool is perfect for identifying near-field knife-edge obstructions and can lay out with confidence the Fresnel zones along a line between two sites.

Trimble PRO-XRT System On Mountain Top
Trimble PRO-XRT System On Mountain Top
Trimble Terra Sync Microwave Path Display

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